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The purpose of Event Management is to create a client who creates other clients

Managing events such as a conference, launch, workshop, dinner, party, corporate function, roadshow, fundraiser, gig, concert, festival, tour, market etc takes a lot to organise. Luckily the very organised Event Managers at VA Centre are not faint hearted and love creating events that are remembered for a lifetime.

We'd be delighted to help you with:

  • Research & book venue, speakers, emcee’s, catering, music, decoration, flowers, entertainment etc

  • Arrange travel, accommodation, ticketing, goody bag donations, staging, seating etc

  • Arrange technical aspects, like sound, lighting, audio visual etc

  • Coordinate artwork, brochure, imaging, logo, branding & banners

  • Contract Management

  • ​Invitation copy creation & distribution

  • Financials: Record spend/invoices/receipts, work to budget

  • Agree a clear event scope & marketing approach

  • Public Relations: send out press release/pack, pursue media interviews & appearances, quotes,

  • Marketing: See marketing services section

  • Pursue Sponsorship's, Partnerships & Endorsements

  • Liaise & build relationships with all stakeholders

Event Management: Services
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