We understand that every business has varying support needs, therefore we offer flexible monthly plans to fit different workloads.  If your support needs differ to what we offer, please feel free to give us a call and hopefully we can accommodate you.

Includes everything you need...

  • Dedicated support with 20+ years experience

  • Only pay for the exact time used - no rounding up or down

  • No hidden fees or additional costs

  • 100% client confidentiality

  • Time & tasks will be digitally tracked & a detailed report provided

  • Ability to amend your package when required

  • Packages designed to help you keep within budget

  • Out of working hours work can be arranged upon request



Market research shows that the services we provide average between £27.00 - £35.00 with some charging £40.00 per hour. The savings you make by not paying NI, tax, office space, agency fees, technology etc are picked up by us.  


Unlimited hours

£35.00 per hour

Less than 20 hours per month

Unlimited catch up calls

Invoiced at month end

Time & tasks are digitally tracked & a detailed report provided at month end

Perfect for those who prefer not to commit to a set amount of hours per month and would like to "pay-as-you-go".


Monthly Retainer

£30.00 per hour


Above 21 hours per month

Unlimited catch up calls

Invoiced upfront monthly

Time & tasks are digitally tracked & a detailed report provided at month end

All hours must be used each month


Perfect for those who would like to retain a specified amount of VA hours per month.



Let's Chat

If you are looking for a dedicated full time Virtual Assistant, then we'd be happy to chat.


Let's Chat

It's often easier to set a fixed fee for a project, website, campaign or event so let's have a chat about the scope of work and agree if an hourly/fixed fee is most suitable.

A fixed fee is agreed based on the initial scope provided, but can be subject to revision if parameters of the scope change later.


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